Store Credit

Store Credit is given when you sell items (Magic:The Gathering Cards) to Affinity Games. Store credit can be used to purchase products on our website or in store. 

In order to acquire store credit, a customer must avail of the following:

         Sell their cards to the store and opt for store credit trade-in in lieu of cash.  Store credit trade-ins have 25% bonus on top of the cash value. 

Here are some things that you also need to know about store credit:

1.    This amount is displayed in your account page at

2.    Store Credit may be used to purchase products and join events.

3.    Store Credit cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.

4.    Store Credit is not cash convertible. Once it is loaded into your account, you can no longer get it back in cash. 

5.    We may issue store credit as a promotion or if an order does not meet our standards.

6.    We reserve the right to terminate this program at any time or for any reason.

7.    Store credit is offered as a refund for products or orders that were paid through Paypal or Bank Transfer. 

8.    All store credit are in PHP.

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