Wish List

What is the Wishlist feature? 

Affinity Games' website has a Wishlist feature which allows customers to be notified of a particular product that has been restocked. 

For our products displayed on the website, a Wishlist link will automatically show up for all products that are out of stock. 

How does it work? 

  1. First, you have to be logged in to Affinity Games website: www.affinityccg.com
  2. Make sure that you are accessing the retail feature of the website, and not the buylist feature. 
  3. If a card or product is out of stock, a +Wishlist link will show up in lieu of the Add to Cart text. 
  4. Click on the link and it will automatically add to your Wish List. 
  5. A notification will show up that says "Your wishlist has been updated" if you did it right.

Can customers view their Wishlist? 

Yes, they can.

  1. First, you need to be logged in. 
  2. Then click on My Account next to the shopping cart icon
  3. Then click on My Wishlist
  4. It will then take you to your Wishlist page and see all of the cards that you've Wishlisted. 

You can also remove cards or products from your Wishlist from this page as well.

What else do you need to know about Wishlists?

  1. Prices of Wish List items may fluctuate as prices are not locked in until the time a purchase has been made. 
    1. Prices can go up and down, and market pricing will be follow for wish listed items.
    2. Shipping addresses are not visible on shared wishlists. If you want to ship an item to someone, you have to request for their mailing address personally. 
    3. All customers who added a particular product or card to their wishlist will get notified of that product or card's availability through email. 
    4. Wish listed items are not purchases, and thus, does not equate to a full checkout nor will it deduct from your store credit or your linked PayPal once it gets restocked. 

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