Organized Play

What is Organized Play?

Organized Play refers to any tournament or event sanctioned by Affinity Games. Certain events are schedule during specific days of the week, so players can pick which event they want to join. Affinity Games currently has Organized Play events for the following:

  1. Magic the Gathering
  2. Heroclix
  3. D&D / CRAM / RPG Sessions
  4. Board Games (Jenga, Smash Up, etc.)

Schedule of Organized Play

All Affinity Games' schedule of Organized Play can be found in these calendars:

Google Calendar

Facebook Events Page

Organized Play Signups

Sign ups for Organized Play events are done in-store or through online (pre-registrations). To join any Organized Play event, simply approach the Tournament Organizer or any Affinity Games staff to sign up.

All transactions for Organized Play must be handled by the Tournament Organizer or Affinity Games staff. Players cannot collect registration fees from other players. 

Organized Play Prizes

Prize structure is announced before and during each round of a scheduled Organized Play. This is to ensure that participating players are aware of the prizes all throughout the event. Only Affinity Games' staff and/or Tournament Organizer will be allowed to distribute the prizes for all Organized Play events. 

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