Rules Enforcement

Affinity Games adheres to the following rules for all its Organized Play events:

  1. Magic the Gathering Organized Play - Magic the Gathering Tournament Rules
  2. Heroclix - Wizkids Tournament Resources

Competitive REL (Rules Enforcement Level)

Competitive REL is reserved for premier level events like:

  1. Store Championship
  2. PPTQ (Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier)
  3. RPTQ (Regional Pro Tour Qualifier)
  4. Grand Prix
  5. Nationals
  6. Pro Tour
  7. World Magic Championship

Tournament Behavior and Code of Conduct

  1. Players are expected to follow the  store's policies and code of conduct for all its events. 
  2. Affinity Games reserves the right to refuse a player's entry or to disqualify him or her from the event. 

Rules Enforcement Resources

  2. Rules Enforcement Levels

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