Store Policies

Store Policies

Anyone may use the game room for most any gaming activity, though actual events will always take priority over any other use of the gaming space.

We are open 6 days a week (11am to 8pm) and the game room may be used during any open hours. If there is a store organized gaming activity/workshop or project, priority use of the gaming space goes to the organized event.

Yes, of course you may bring your own games and gaming materials to play in the game area. Outside food or drink is allowed in the game room.

Code of Conduct

The following are not allowed in the gaming area

  1. No weapons of any kind are allowed in the gaming area.
  2. Store is a non-smoking area. We ask that anyone who choose to smoke please do not do it in front of the store.
  3. Absolutely no stealing. Police will be called in cases where this is found to have happened.
  4. No foul language. Keep it family friendly.
  5. Competitive or casual, games are meant to be fun for all. Good sportsmanship is a must, win or lose.
  6. Absolutely no destruction of tables, chairs or other store property or property belonging to others. This includes writing or carving on tables or chairs.
  7. Any personal contact that might inspire someone to tell you to "get a room" is not in keeping with the family fun atmosphere the game room requires. Please do such elsewhere.
  8. Anyone found in violation of the game area rules may be banned from using it in the future or can be banned from the store entirely. These incidents will be handled by a case by case basis. Please observe the rules so this doesn't become necessary.
  9. In regards to someone‚Äôs age, shape, race, gender, religion, orientation or occupation is not acceptable. Trash talking is not allowed.

Loss of items

Affinity Games is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Your best defense is to keep your stuff together and handy (especially electronics) while you play and label books as soon as you purchase them. We will keep things in lost and found for one month before loaning them out as store property.

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