Buylist Overview

What is Affinity Games Buylist?

To add cards to your cart, you can search by card name on the Buylist search bar located at the upper right. It will then take you to the results page and you'll see the cards, along with its price in USD and Store Credit. Then proceed to click on the quantity you want to sell and click Sell.

Choose your payment option

Once you have everything you want to sell in your Sell Cart, select View Cart to review the contents of your sell request, then choose the payment and delivery options that work best for you! We offer two payment options:

  • PayPal - If you want Cash for your cards via PayPal or Bank deposit/transfer.
  • Affinity Games Store Credit - Get 25% more for your cards when you choose store credit. This will be loaded into your account, which you can use to purchase products from Affinity Games

Wait for approval

You will be receiving emails all throughout the process, from the time you submit your buylist to delivery of your items at Affinity Games. 

Get paid!

Once we receive your sell list, our team will verify the contents and process your payment within the next 24 to 48 hours. 

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