Account Creation

In order for customers to place an order on our website, he or she must have a registered account with Affinity Games. 

Upon registration, the site requires the following information:

  •          Real name
  •          Email Address
  •          Strong Password

Identity Confirmation

1.    Customers are encouraged to use their real name, shipping address, and billing address when they sign up/register an account with Affinity Games to prevent problems relating to transactions, payments, and deliveries. 

2.    If your identity is not provided and confirmed through our system, Affinity Games reserves the right to void or cancel any purchase.

Shipping and billing address

1.    You can fill up your shipping and billing address once you've completely registered on our site. 

2.    You can access your addresses by clicking on My Account > View Addresses > Add A New Address

3.    A shipping address serves as the address to which the customer wants his or her order to be delivered to. Affinity Games encourages customers to be as accurate as possible with shipping addresses to prevent any delays or errors in delivery.

4.    Customers may also use LBC Express branch pick-up service if desired. If a customer wishes to use branch pick-up, he or she will use their LBC Express branch of choice, branch code, and its corresponding address in the shipping address. 

5.    A billing address is the address connected to a specific form of payment (PayPal, Bank Transfers and Credit/Debit Cards). A billing address is used to verify the authorized use of debit/credit cards for store transactions. 

6.    Affinity Games encourages its customers to use the same billing address as they used in their bank account or in the PayPal account.

7.    Any addresses provided by customers in the website will be the default address used in shipping orders. Any change in address should be done in the website before an order is done, or notice is given to us through our Facebook Page at or through our email,

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